Essay Analysis Of ' Beauty And The Beast ' And Maleficent '

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“Beauty and the Beast “ and “Maleficent” both show that the empowerment of love can overcome any curse. The similarities of these two movies are the themes of the power of love, independent women characteristics, and to not judge someone by their appearance.
Paragraph 1: Power of love
1. True love’s kiss can break any spell
• Maleficent curses her daughter, Princess Aurora; with a needle of a spinning wheel and make her fall into an eternal sleep and the only way to awaken from the sleep is through true love’s kiss. In the end, Maleficent is the only one who can break the spell with a mother daughter’s kiss to wake Aurora up.
• Belle’s beauty and her sweet nature change the Beast from a beast into a prince, turning from cruel into a kind person.
➢ These two pieces of evidence can obviously show that kiss from the one truly love you can go through break any curses and that’s the power of love.
2. Love can save you from getting overwhelmed by evil
• Love from Maleficent none-the-less saves Aurora from evil and death. That makes Maleficent understand that true love doesn’t have to be in romantic form.
• Love is to set someone free, Beauty and the Beast proved that when Beast let Belle return home even he is not sure whether Belle returns or not. But stopping the evil mind of Beast tested Belle loves him.
➢ If you love someone, you must let him or her go at some point. Simply trust that they will be back to stand by you. Possibly, save you from the evil side of yourself.…

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