A Comparison Of Love In If You Forget Me And She Walks In Beauty

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What is love? Love can be defined as “An intense feeling of love or affection.” Love today is mostly seen as two people showing a strong romantic affection within one another. However, sometimes love can be interpreted differently such as loving a pet, friend, or even family. George Gordon Byron 's approach to love in “She Walks in Beauty” expresses one’s beauty over love itself while Pablo Neruda’s “If You Forget Me” focuses on the sadness and rejection brought when it comes to forgetting a lover. Thus, proving how love can have different meanings depending on others relationships and personal experiences.
There are times where love may not be expressed at all, but instead illustrates it through admiration. In “She Walks in Beauty”, the speaker
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In “She Walks in Beauty” it can be seen throughout the poem the great detail and imagery pertaining to the woman’s beauty from the author’s admiration. For example, the first and second stanza greatly emphasizes the woman’s beauty by comparing it to day and night. The author balances the two as he expressed in the second stanza, “One shade more, one shade less, had half impaired the nameless grace” hencing that the balance is so perfect that if one added one more “shade” or took away a single “ray” of light, it would mess everything up. In addition, fiddling with that balance at all would “half impair”, or partially damage the woman’s beauty. Since the author emphasizes “light” and “dark” within the woman, it symbolizes the physical attributes of the beauty whether internally or externally. It can be interpreted that the author must cherish those two attributes the same and that not one of them is better than the other since they are both equally the same in his own eyes. On the contrary, “If You Forget Me” talks about it’s true love emotionally. For instance, the fifth stanza of the poem said,”And you decide to leave me at the shore of the heart where I have roots” here the author used a metaphor so deep as he perfectly describes how lost he feels since he is restricted to loving her. The author has loved her so much and perhaps for so long that …show more content…
Even though “She Walks in Beauty”, does not express love as a romantic point of view, it reveals the strong admiration of one’s beauty. “If You Forget Me” exhibits its love by expressing the harsh reality of when it comes to liaisons and the further apart one grows when they start to slowly forget their relationship. Although, both poems have a distinct love between the two with one expressing one’s beauty and the other talking about the harsh aspect, they both do indeed express love as it’s true form using symbolism. In the end, each one’s love has a different story, shape, and size. Afterall, when it comes down to it, love is

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