Essay on Analysis Of Bamboo Cutter, And Tales Of Ise

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During the Heian period, a patriarchal system exists where women are treated as the inferior species. Women are usually thought as passive beings who lacks the intelligences to master complex language like Chinese or physical talents to be a warrior. Moreover, the main role of women were to write poetry and be a disposal source of entertainment for men. Although these social norms may exists, some women are bold and powerful enough to make men feel inferior, which shows efforts to resists these norms. The women in Tales of Heike, Pillow Book, Bamboo cutter, and Tales of Ise all show attributes of superiority that display resistance to male’s dominance in relationships, aestheticism, and warfare.
In the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, Princess Kaguya’s treatments of the suitors displayed the boldness of females to humiliate men as inferior beings. From the very beginning, Kaguya displayed her superiority over men by saying, “If one of [the suitors] will show me something I desire, it will prove his affection are the noblest, and I shall belong to them”(332). This quote followed up with a list of tasks such as “bring me the stone begging-bowl of buddha, … [a] branch of a tree… [that bears] fruits of white jewels … [a] robe made of Chinese fire rats…” (Kenne 332). All of these tasks are impossible to do, but she says, “ I don’t see what is so difficult about those tasks” (Kenne 333). These quotes demonstrate Kaguya is a demanding, arrogant woman who sets up…

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