Analysis Of Animating Youth: The Disneyfication Of Children's Culture

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Finding Nemo gives the audience a unique experience into what a society should seem like using different norms and values. Nemo did not think about how fortunate he was until his regular routine was taken away. This teaches multiple things about life and how to correctly act to get the best outcome. “Animating Youth: The Disneyfication of Children’s Culture” by Giroux shows that Disney has the ability to put a script to society and shape the childhood of millions of kids. Gamson wrote “Media Images and the Social Construction of Reality” showing that these media juggernauts incorporate messages into their films and can focus on a slew of different domains, including gender, race, or class.

“Disney’s scripted view of childhood and
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The difficulties of tracking the messages in these texts are compounded by the problem of layers of meaning” ( Gamson 55). Marlin shows that his number one value is his family which sends a message to society. This is shown in the beginning, when Marlin teaches Nemo how to enter and exit the Anemone to check for signs of danger. This is Marlin’s only family left, hence his overly dramatic protection. “Many different disciplines take on this daunting task of decoding media texts. Typically, researchers carve out some particular domain of discourse on which to focus their attention” (Gamson 55). In Finding Nemo these different domains have to deal with gender relations and just basic inequalities. Discrimination is one of the messages that can not be easily decoded while just laughing at a fish traveling through an animated ocean. One prominent example of this was when Marlin interrupted Dory when she was asking for directions. This is a looking glass into our society where men think they have more power when it comes to the sphere of directions. Another example is Crush being looked at differently because he is 150 years old which is relaying ageism to the viewers. Seven year olds are watching Nemo being regarded abnormally because of his “lucky fin.” A sea horse was being laughed at for being H20 interlonelant and kids just laugh right along with it. If Disney really wanted to flip the script by incorporating these disabilities, they should not have made it a laughable matter. This just enables kids to do just that; laugh at

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