Analysis Of Andy Warhol: Stars Of The Silver Screen

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“If Andy Warhol had Instagram, it would boom” says Karol Carstensen, TIFF exhibition expert.

Much like our social media crazed generation today, Warhol was obsessed with the idea of 24/7 recording. “I think he really anticipated our surveillance society with its reality TV and social media culture,” says Jon Davies, curator of TIFF’s flagship exhibition Andy Warhol: Stars of the Silver Screen.

Different than Andy Warhol Revisited’s exhibit of his well-known pop art collection, Stars of the Silver Screen invites exhibition goers to walk through the muses and memorabilia that fuelled Warhol’s fascination with celebrities.

Like flipping through the endless pages of a scrapbook, watching home videos on repeat, taking photos of everything in sight, and posting it all to social media for followers to see, Stars of the Silver Screen exhibits Warhol’s trajectory from what TIFF calls a “star-struck observer to a star-making celebrity.”

Every aspect of stardom is showcased in the extensive collection of over 1000 pieces of artifacts, films, videos, and artworks.

From the age of 10, Warhol collected anything he could get his hands on; his early work evolved from copious collections of celebrity photos and autographs of those he admired. Among the albums was an autographed headshot from Shirley Temple, something tour guide Catherine
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Warhol encapsulates Warhol’s career. “It brings together the mythic world of Hollywood stars with Warhol 's everyday domestic life,” says Davies. “Warhol was always very close with his mother and she encouraged and participated in his art practice. In 1966 she was living with Warhol in New York, and in this feature-length colour film he records her trying to do her chores around the house while his lover Richard Rheem coyly teases her about her scandalous life and all the husbands she 's had. Basically they pretend that this very modest homemaker is actually a sordid Hollywood vamp. It 's very

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