Essay on Analysis Of Andre Dubus 's Rough, Unadulterated Memoir

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In Andre Dubus’s rough, unadulterated memoir “Townie”; he accounts in detail of the despair and violence that emerges from a childhood of poverty and parental absence. Dubus speaks of his main conflict, an internal one that tempts him, which is the power of violence and its hold on him and his struggle to break free. He speaks of violence, his desire to hurt someone, yet he rarely resorts to the actual act. When he does, however, he reacts full force, flat out, no holds barred. The author conveys his argument by using rhetorical strategies during the various stages of his life and its events. Andre Dubus speaks of his childhood years and how he was tempted by violence. He often employs flashbacks and allusions for his childhood years. A memorable quote could be found on page 11 of the novel, “I liked seeing this. I liked seeing Bowman’s head bounce against the hard floor, I liked seeing the blood spattering across his nose and mouth and chin, and I especially liked how tightly his eyes were shut against the fear and the pain… Then I began not to like it.” Here we see a young adolescent witnessing a fight and enjoying the pain inflicted on the victim. However, he suddenly realizes that he doesn 't want to enjoy it. The allusion foreshadows a violent future yet Andre shows a glimpse of hope that he has the ability to control and restrain himself. When his younger brother Jeb gets beaten up by a school bully, Andre takes it out on himself for not defending Jeb. “I stood…

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