Essay about Analysis Of ' Amber Dawn Bear Robe '

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1. Amber-Dawn Bear Robe reflects on how photography conducted by settlers and missionaries was historically used to “assimilate, objectify, and control,” and as such functioned as a “tool of colonial oppression.” Reflect on how photographic imagery can convey a political message (think about frame, arrangement, and use). Consider how the examples in Bear Robe’s article use the medium of photography to respond to this problem.
Photographic imagery has the ability to strongly impact human perception of the political ideologies they contain or that are later attached to them by third parties. Just as song and dance generally convey emotion in a more impactful way than is possible through words written on paper, so do images invoke a deeper and more profound response – often stirring more intensely emotional reactions from those viewing it. However, the context in which information is delivered plays an important role in shaping the assumptions and perceptions about the information being conveyed through any photograph – “information taken out of context is often meaningless.” Due to the fact that the photographer retains control of both frame and arrangement, this response has the possibly of being created or manipulated by the artist themselves. However, the truly insidious aspect of any artistic medium, with regards to political gain, lies in its use. Even if the photographer does not intend to covey any specific political message, the photograph itself can be interpreted…

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