Analysis Of Aaron Douglas 's Painting Let My People Go Essay

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Human history proves that societal problems of the past shape the societal problems of the future. Having the mindset to combat this is what defines someone as intellectually competent. The methodology used to combat these problems, however, is multifaceted. Aaron Douglas’s painting Let my People Go [Appendix F] does this by depicting Moses from the Bible, and his plea to the Pharaoh. The goal of this was to entice the viewers to connect the piece to contemporary issues, and see the same plea for freedom happening across the world. This embodies the Jesuit School’s Network Graduate at Graduation subgoal of intellectual competence: to have the consciousness to critically analyze matters facing the world. Through this consciousness, people can begin to work to solve these problems. Not only that, but providing a unique approach to connect it to people is incredibly valuable. Poetry in particular does this by providing a comprehensive pedagogical medium that lets readers find their own meaning from it and be inspired to learn more.

With this medium, poets such as Claude McKay, Countee Cullen, and Langston Hughes were set to transform not only art itself, but its purpose. The Harlem Renaissance was a 1920’s art movement that aimed to redefine what “Black America” truly was. They achieved this through consistently uncovering problems Americans were facing. From “Tropics in New York” [Appendix A] and its theme of culture clash, to “Make America America Again” [Appendix B]…

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