Analysis Of A Place At The Table

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“A Place at the table”
1. Most documentary films try to present a problem (or problems) and potential solutions. Describe in your own words the problem presented in the film. What needs correcting in our environment or our society?
In the film "A Place at the Table", several social issues, the good and not so good, were brought to light. The problems of food deserts, lack of availability for fresh fruits and vegetables, and the coalition with serious diseases, and childhood obesity. The problem that exists in the welfare and food stamp programs and the challenges that that our local schools and food banks face to provide healthy meals on such a low budget. I got the impression that in some cases being unemployed was better that having a job
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I was fortunate that at that time jobs were readily available, and my mother could work 3 jobs and could take my sister and me, to those jobs. People were good to us. I think that is why I always give back to the community, but after watching the movie I will be carful to donate healthier food to the food banks. I believe that this should be a hot topic in the next elections. I know that people can make a difference, with education, and the use of our vote, we can change anything. I know that some people believe that these issues are not their problem but if it does not affect them now it will certainly affect them later. At this rate after the baby boomer leave the work force, the morbid obese and chronically ill young adult will not be able to provide themselves with a quality of life that they will need. I know this sound like a grime prediction but I do believe that if nothing is done it will come true. I see it know in my work, ten years ago only the older persons suffered from strokes, but now, I see patients in their,20’s, and 30’s having strokes, almost all of then weighing over 300 pounds, and suffering from chronic health problems. These unhealthy eating practice can be change but it is easier to change these eating habits in the younger

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