Essay about Analysis Of A Housing Bubble

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Analysis Of A Housing Bubble
Conrad M. Landis
March 17, 2014
Lisa Burkart-Uva

Analysis Of A Housing Bubble The late 1990 's introduced the dotcom era to the world. Hopes were high as businesses were seemingly being created overnight. The rush was on by the public and investors alike to sink their savings into the promise of these start up companies. Technology was advancing and all appeared well in the world of investing. Companies would go public on the stock market and values would rise enticing everyone who had ever dreamed of profiting from the market to get in while the getting was good. Unfortunately, many were unaware of the rapidly inflating internet bubble that was growing everyday as those prices increased. Millions of people around the world would soon come to understand the meaning of the term “bubble”. The dotcom boom and bust of the late 1990 's proved to be a tragedy for many people 's savings accounts. Although some savvy investors did manage to capitalize on the opportunity, most were not so fortunate. Upon realizing the devastating financial downturn everyone was facing, the Federal Reserve Bank implemented a solution. A solution that years later would only prove to be a disaster for the American people. The strategy introduced by the Fed, they hoped, would reverse the economic state of America. Citizens and banks alike had to learn to be trusted by each other once again. This led to the decision to lower the federal funds…

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