Feminism In Beyoncé's Flawless

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Beyoncé’s “***Flawless” comes from her self-titled album “Beyoncé” which was published in 2013. This song was primarily responsible for re-establishing a new understanding of the term “Feminism” and what it means to be a feminist in our generation. In this text, the depiction of women is mostly represented through the artist herself. Moreover, one can typically claim that women in the text are depicted as independent, strong and beautiful. This is evident through the agency of the unyielding lyrics and the prodigious music video. However, some may still argue that women in the text are defined in a different matter. Accordingly, this critical response will explore how and why women in “***Flawless” are portrayed conformably with strength, self-reliance, …show more content…
This is for instance evident in the first verse, where Beyoncé states; “I took some time to live my life, but don’t think I’m just his little wife. Don’t get it twisted… this is my shit…” She implements that her role as an individual is more than just a wife. Her success derives from her own exertion and hard work, not from her husband’s wealth. Furthermore, the lyrics also incorporates an excerpt from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TEDx talk “We should all be feminists”, which is a self-explanatory claim on a feministic viewpoint. This includes statements such as “We teach girls that they cannot be sexual beings like boys are.”, shedding light on gender inequalities. In the third part of the lyrics, we clearly recognize the assertive representation of powerful women. By the declaration of “We flawless, ladies tell ‘em, I woke up like this”, women are featured as perfect the way they are, even though they just woke up. In addition, by utilizing the term “We”, she includes all woman as flawless, regardless of appearance. Beyoncé also utilizes profanity words to further accentuate women’s strength. “This is my shit, bow down bitches” and “Say I look so good tonight, God damn, God damn”. She affirms efficacy in an aggressive way as an attempt to amplify women’s

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