Essay Analysis : ' Lifespan Development And The Brain '

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In reflecting on this competency, I believe the best phrase that describes my development and growth both as a student and counselor is that of “grit” which was adapted from a student presentation during January’s residency weekend of this year. Grit describes one’s ability to stick with things over a very long time until it is mastered. I believe I was able to exhibit grit throughout my two years of completing the Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology program due to the many challenges I have encountered whilst pursuing my studies. Through enduring and overcoming financial woes, racist comments during internship, overwhelming work place demands, personal and family struggles among others. Development is an inevitable part of life and occurs throughout the lifetime. Additionally, the process of development is largely influenced by individuals experience and interactions with systems in several areas of their lives. In my Critical annotation of the book “Lifespan Development and the Brain: The Perspective of Biocultural Co-Constructivism”, human development is viewed as a lifelong process extending from conception through old age. Developmental biocultural co-constructivism purports that “brain and culture are in a continuous, interdependent, co- productive transaction and reciprocal determination” (Baltes, Reuter-Lorenz, & Rosler, 2006, p. 1) where the brain is considered a dependent variable that is subjected to environmental controls and is co shaped by experience and…

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