Analysis: After The Fateful Day

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After the fateful day
(Hello Again)
Dede must be miserable. So many people have been knocking on mama’s old house, telling Dede their encounter with us before the accident. For some reason I feel happy; not because Minerva, Patria and I are dead- of course not- but because so many people are feeling remorse from our death. Each and one of the visitors had their own stories. One of the visitors is a little soldier with bad teeth, cracking his knuckles, and says that he had ridden in the car with us over the mountain. Then there was another one with a different story, then another one came, then another one, and visitors just keeps coming. I can tell that each visitors would break Dede’s fatal heart, little by little. If only I can comfort my sister one last time. Dede is truly kind-hearted; even if she is exhausted, crestfallen, and heartbroken, she continues to sits there and listen to each of their sorrowful stories. Is Dede doing this due to guilt, the guilt of
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I’m not sure why some of them had less jail time than the others. Putting them in jail for only 20-30 years is not justice, I don’t feel satisfied at all. They all have been set free during the spell of the revolution. After they were released, the murderers are always on TV, doing all sorts of interview about what they have done; like it was something to be proud of. What a shame!

May 30,1961
(Rafael Trujillo October 24,1891- May 30 1961)
Dede should read the newspaper more often. How can anyone miss the day of Trujillo’s assassination! It was all over the news. he was assassinated by a group of seven men; some also said that a few of the men who killed Trujillo were his old friends! Trujillo deserved it, he had it coming anyway. If Papa was alive he would 've been devastated.

First free election after 31 years in The Dominican

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