Analysis: A Bug's Life

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Balona, Kazzandra Alyzza G.
PS203 – Intro to Comparative Politics
Prof. Louie Benedict R. Ignacio
1.) Illustrate how different players or actors in the environment or society. Identify and perform their function.
2.) Explain the relationship between these actors and how these relationships illustrate conflict within the society.
3.) Illustrate how the movie reflects the dynamics in the economic relationship between developing and developed countries.
4.) How would you categorize the economic system illustrated in the movie as regards:
a. System of government
b. Type of market
I will be answering the following questions in essay form.
The Disney movie, A Bug’s Life, focuses on the life of a young, inventive ant, Flik. He leads a
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The similarities of Animal Farm and A Bug’s life, in a political context is the part where in the last rule left in the farm is “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than the others.” I believe that it is also applied in the insect world as well since it was clearly stated in the first quarter of the film of the cycle which Hopper made everyone aware of. Hopper said “The sun grows the food, the ants pick the food, and the grasshoppers eat the food.” In comparison with Animal Farm, there is a pig who does all the smooth talking as to why the pigs and the dogs need more food, and explains to the other farm animals that in order to come up with more ideas for the farm, more food must go to the pigs and the dogs. This is similar with A Bug’s Life as well, the scene wherein Hopper announced “If you can’t keep your end of the bargain then I can’t guarantee your safety, and there are insects out there that will take advantage of you.” when in fact it was only the grasshoppers who’ve been taking advantage of the colony for …show more content…
This is clearly illustrated not only on a national level, but a worldwide level as well. Ideally, it is nice to picture a world where people, ants, or animals own what they work for; that every person contributes and takes equally. But as the story develops, the audience sees more of why this type of utopian society cannot exist. An example of a communist system trying to exist in a capitalist world, still talking about Animal Farm, the animals are protected within the boundaries of their socialist farm and they thrive under this system of equality; but soon, they are forced to interact with the outside world and that’s when communism turns into something else. It would become an Orwellian society under the rule of one leader, and slowly the audience see that for socialism to work under a communist rule, everyone, even those outside of the community has to be under the same system. To relate it in the movie, there is also some sort of Orwellian context in the story, by Orwellian it means a totalitarian state.
The story also demonstrates the power of knowledge and how the uneducated and ignorant can be easily manipulated. Both in Orwell’s book suggest that. In 1984, he wrote “war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.” As well as in animal farm, it depicts there that Squealer, a pig from Animal Farm, often twists words and events to make Napoleon, an allegoric character

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