Essay on An Open Labor Market

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In the global economy, the hardest thing for individuals to market is themselves. There are countries that have policies that gladly welcome foreign workers into the work force, and there are countries that do not. Individuals look for jobs in countries that would allow them to grow, but they find themselves blocked from entrance and restricted by policies. In “Let Anyone Take a Job Anywhere,” a debate on Intelligence2 Debates, the pros and cons of an open labor market crashed in a head-on-collision. In the argument in support of an open labor market, many great supporting points were brought forth. Bryan Caplan, a professor of Economics at George Mason University, argued that such an action would reduce discrimination, it would increase the well-being of others from less developed countries, it would cost nothing, it would double global production, which would benefit both workers and consumers, and it would be the “decent” thing to do. Caplan encourages these changes, given that certain policies and taxes are enacted upon these immigrant workers, such restricting them from voting and charging an “admission fee or surtax.” Vivek Wadhwa, the Vice President of Innovations and Research at Singularity University, stated that diversity is key to global connection and production. Wadhwa argued that immigrants have created some of the greatest innovations in the U.S. Immigration causes greater competition, and as a result of competition the U.S. produces higher skilled workers.…

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