An Investigation Of Arab American Invisibility Essay

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Arab Americans
Naber, N. (2000). Ambiguous insiders: An investigation of Arab American invisibility. Ethnic and Racial Studies, 23(1), 37-61. Retrieved from
The article explores how ethnic characteristics of immigrant status, religious affiliation, nationality, and Arab Americans subscribe to the announcement of white racial identity by utilizing a regionally representative sample of Arab Americans. Additionally, the article identifies how Arab Americans appear to report both strong ethnic and white identities, while others report the same but distance themselves from pan-ethnic “Arab American” label.
Salaita, & George, S. (2005). Ethnic identity and imperative patriotism: Arab Americans before and after 9/11. College Literature, 32(2), 146-168. Retrieved from
The article explores the impact of 9/11 on the Arab American community with a special emphasis of how the impression of patriotism has modified both American and Arab American life. The analysis of Xenophobia, ethnic studies, pedagogy, stereotype and racism are presented in order to bring out the complications that are exhibited in the interaction between Arab Americans and domestic ethnic population. Overall, the authors present 9/11 as a reinforcement of attitudes both negative and positive towards the Arab American population that had existed for decades.

White Ethnic Population
McDermott, & Samson, F. L. (2005). White racial and ethnic identity in the…

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