An Insight Into The Methods Of Conservation Genetics Essay

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An insight into the methods of Conservation Genetics
Understanding the need to use genetic methods in conservation biology will greatly aid in the process of bringing back any species that play an important role in their native habitat. Implementing genetic tools and methods in conservation programs helps to minimize the loss of genetic diversity, which allows populations to adapt to environmental changes and stressors. This helps to minimize the loss of the population numbers by reducing the negative effects of inbreeding.
Methods in use today
The methods that are currently in use by genetic conservationists include selective breeding to ensure variability of genes, reintroduction of a species population that used to inhabit a certain area, using genetic markers to screen for similarities due to coancestry as well as to reduce inbreeding, and the continuation of testing to ensure longevity in a population. The genetic conservationists mainly employ traditional breeding strategies to manage the gene flow of the individuals within the breeding programs, but a new method is on the horizon of conservation genetics. This new method is the possible use of RNA gene drives to alter whole lineages of populations.
Selective breeding
Selective breeding ensures that the pedigrees of the individuals aren’t crossed when mating. This can have serious negative effects when not implemented in bottlenecked populations. One of the major effects of unregulated mating is the probability of…

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