Essay on An Insane Asylum Or Mental Hospital

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Asylum Victims The main purpose of an insane asylum or mental hospital was to care for and provide treatment to the mentally ill. In the late 1800’s to early 1900’s this was not the case. Not only were the mentally ill forced to go into these institutions; perfectly healthy people were admitted as well. Many of the perfectly healthy individuals, unfairly admitted, were women (Jean-Charles). These healthy women were placed in insane asylums simply because they were not an “obedient housewife and mother” (Jean-Charles). The divorce rates were very low during the late 1800’s partly because husbands could declare their wife as insane and abandon them in an insane asylum, instead of the taboo act of divorce (Jean-Charles). Though many of these women were in a healthy mental state going into these institutions, they soon lost their state of rationality (Jean-Charles). They became as insane as they were treated because of the harsh conditions in which they withstood. The victims in these institutions would face lack of food, clothing, cleanliness, and encounter inhumane treatments. Vile Food
Food during the late 1800s isn 't thought of as highly nutritious. Meat, bread, and potatoes comes to mind as the foods that were plentiful during this time. This is what they served yet the bread was hard, butter was black, meat was spoiled and even insects would be found in the food given to the patients (Bly 64). Nally Bly, a journalist who went undercover into an insane asylum, said that…

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