An Individual 's Moral Conscience Essay

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Righteousness Majority of man’s belief creates laws to govern and protect the people, but an individual’s own belief can do just as much while staying true to justice. In the play Antigone by Sophocles, shows the confliction of both an individual and majority’s moral conscience through the rightness of justice. The citizens of Thebes seeks justice for their past king, but others respect the law and deny his burial. As time forwards there are changes, but law is at a stand still and can only change if the majority chooses to do so. An individual’s moral conscience changes and develops the moment that individual is born, so the justice they strive for is more modern and thoughtful. The characters from Antigone try to achieve justice by their own belief or by the law and in result true justice becomes far from reach. As a king, Creon guides and conducts his people by the law in order to protect, he would throw human morals away for the greater good. As a single individual, Antigone thinks by her own belief and creates her own form of justice. The more they progress towards their justice, the conflict between each other starts to form because of how their justice diverges from basic justice. For Creon and Antigone, their justice cannot coincide with each other due to human morals and relationships will not change this fact. The characters must either fight for the justice they believe in or give up on trying to do so. Sophocles illustrates that man must go against…

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