Essay on An Idealistic View Of Family

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An Idealistic View of Family

Novels, plays, and television shows have a unique way of making family life in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries so appealing. They desensitize it, taking away the realities that really impacted families during that era. They are fictitious displays of what family life was like that we strive to achieve because they appear so perfect.

In shows like Bonanza and Little House on the Prairie, we are lured into a dimension where family life seems flawless and where everyone is a contributor to the success of the family and larger community. They depict a world in which members of the community relied on one another and banded together to get through rough times. It is indeed true that one can argue that there appeared to be greater moral standards, familial respect, and a Christian faith however, by the same token this was also a myth.

First and foremost, I am grateful we live in a society where we are free to choose the type of relationships we have. We no longer have to get married and people can date whomever they choose. There was a point historically, where women were forced in to contractual marriages. Women had to enter into marriages that matched their social and economic status. Furthermore, colonial marriages were structured more like business agreements as opposed to a bond constructed upon love and mutual respect. In light of this, I am glad to live in a society where love is simply love and we are working toward…

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