An Ethical Dilemma Essay

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An Ethical Dilemma

Epiphanie Elam


Anushka Morales

An Ethical Dilemma

Angela is works in the human resource department at a very prominent corporation and has helped out a dear friend’s nephew with a job in the accounting department. This comes as great news for everyone as the nephew, Jaden has just started the process of buying a home, but Angela knows that the company is moving to a different state and this possess a problem since Jaden has sought out a home close to his job. Angela is now faced with an ethical dilemma and has some choices to make. First let’s identify the ethical dilemma that she faces, Angela is torn between telling Jaden, and/or his family about the recent decision that the
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When making decisions such as this, some employees may choice the opposite and tell Jaden directly what is going on a break company policy. This choice could be based on rationalizing. When employees decide not to operate ethically in business, they may ponder a few questions or thoughts such as: 1) It’s not illegal or against the rules 2) Everyone will benefit in the end 3) No one will find out what I have done 4) The company will thank me for it and keep me safe ( exploring business, 2014 pg. 29)
These thoughts are known as Rationalizing. By rationalizing their actions, employees are basically giving themselves the “green light” to go against company policy and those practices of good business ethics. An organization can help contribute and maintain good ethical practices by following a few simple practices of their own. By displaying and exercising ethical leadership, the organization is setting the example of for other employees to emulate. (Exploring business, 2014 pg. 32) Developing codes of conduct are another great and effective way of contributing to ethical practices. By developing a code of conduct the organization can set the rules and regulations and also the consequences that will happen if these rules are broken. This will give justification for any termination or disciplinary action as well. This leads into holding people accountable as well By the organization holding offenders accountable for their actions, they

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