An Essay About My Life

1108 Words Apr 6th, 2016 5 Pages
Everyday I am greeted by the memories of former lives. For some, I come too soon and for others, not soon enough. No one wants to meet me, but eventually their time will come. I am the one who breaks families apart. People view me a terrible thing who has no feelings. While they are right about me having no feelings, I am not terrible. Personally I see myself as a fair being who is just doing their job. My job is not an easy one. For I am Death, The one every person fears. From the mightiest of heroes to the lowest of the lows. Nothing can stop a person from attending their meeting with me.
One fact about me: I always find amusement from the lives of humans. It fascinates me of how they will do anything just so they won’t have to meet me. This includes families turning on each other, sending one of their own to meet me. However, my greatest enjoyment comes from watching humans persevere through the difficulties of their life. I remember this one boy who showed more courage than most adult men would. The story of this boy is actually quite a good one. It is always one of my favorites to tell. It’s hard to believe that the greatest showing of courage was during one of the darkest time in history. This darkest time was also one of my busiest time with my job. The Black Plague. If some insight is needed on what exactly this time was, I guess I’ll help out. The Black Plague was a terrible epidemic that hit Europe in the late 1340’s. This epidemic killed between 75 to 200…

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