An Effective Agent Of Change Essay

1504 Words Dec 13th, 2016 7 Pages
In reflecting and processing the various topics covered in this class throughout the semester, my understanding of what it means to be an effective agent of change has always come back to the foundation. The “Dynamic Triangle of Change” introduced by Junius Williams forms the framework of the process an effective and ineffective change agent moves through in order to reform one’s surroundings. Information, perception, and action make up the three elements of this triangle. During this semester, the importance of these elements has been presented inside and outside the classroom. Before seeing the importance of the triangle, understanding of the elements and how they are positively manifested had to be formed. Through taking the time to make sense of these elements, how they were presented in class, and how they are presented in my everyday life, this understanding was formulated. Information refers to the objective details of a situation. One is able to see multiple sides to an argument which enable a change agent to tackle a problem from all angles. When gathering information, one must also look at the sources behind the scenes. If looking in the right places, one can avoid misinformation which can negatively affect the latter elements of the process. It is essential that a change agent seeking efficient reform does their research which includes learning about the opposing side. Knowledge is power and if there is knowledge of the opposing side’s position, compromise,…

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