Essay on An Educated Woman Is A Dangerous Woman

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An educated woman is a dangerous woman. If the education is applied the right way, one is able to challenge the views of society and the sexist views. The film “Markers” demonstrated a woman’s ability to define the odds and challenge the views of society. In the company of educated women, Solomon stresses the importance of an educated woman because with knowledge comes strength to fight back against the injustices of society. bell hooks’ major conclusion in confronting class in the classroom is that students from poor or working classes are encouraged to stay silent and blend in with the dominant culture.
These valuable sources support each other to convey the purpose of an educated woman. An educated woman is a powerful woman with a sword ready to slay. One who is not afraid to fight injustice, sexism or discrimination is as powerful as it gets. For a woman to properly adjust to society and challenge what is unfair, one must educate themselves of what her surrounding is. Meaning, women was given the opportunity to get an education unless they can afford it or even find the right opportunity. It is ideal for a young woman to find a nice many who can take care of her. A woman who believes that a man is untouchable. A woman who will resign in the household and take care of the kids. What if one knowledgeable woman can create change?
Women seem to make up a disproportionate percentage of college graduates today. But this was not always the case. Most families couldn’t afford…

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