An Critique Of Management Theorist 's Views On Punishment Essay

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This essay describes employers need to impose coercion as a form of leadership to gain maximum cooperation and productivity from employees. This autocratic style of leadership has resulted in workers introducing labour unions to gain some form of control. But nevertheless, employers had leverage on the labour union. Consequently, these imposing constraints on employees has led to maximum dissatisfaction, inefficiency etc.
Coercion in the essay focus on punishment
It also seeks to provide comparisons, critique of management theorist’s views and their shortcomings and also my recommendation.
The beginning and concluding half of the nineteenth century was a time of ruthless, cruel industrial dispute between employees and employers. This was due workers refusing to join labour unions, which frequently led to them changing their jobs and or locations creating a sense of purposelessness. Nevertheless, if employees felt strong enough to establish a labour union against their employers they were permitted to merge from1842 onwards. However, they were legal obstacles in the 1890’s,employers used these legal challenges in their favour by enforcing “yellow dog contracts”, where employees had to accept not to be involved with any labour union. Thereafter, if the employees failed to honour their contracts this may lead to termination of their contract (Gutman 1973 cited in Hanlon 2015:92)
Managerial competence or expertness had to be viciously stolen in order to destroy their freedom.…

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