Essay on An Audit Of An Auditor

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As any other career path one is always faced with decisions, pressure, and stress. However, it’s how one manage these challenges that makes us who we are and defines our identity that one builds for themselves. As an audit one encounters these at every second of their live. An audit is seen as the problem fixer in any corporation or firm, but the steps that they take to fix the problem is the assets that sets them apart from others in their work environment. To learn more about how this asset sets auditors apart we will look at the history of an auditor, their work schedule, their overall goal, how they better the world, and the challenges they face.
Since civilization has existed, human life has found a need to track their record. This created what we know as now as auditing. Auditing has allowed us to keep record of ownership and ones goods. One technic that they used was symbols and charts. But as years have gone by the biggest change has been the mind set of auditors. The same occurs with the discipline of an audit it tends to straight from the true purpose of their goal, as I will explain later. For that reason, auditors first started with a plan and rules on how to audit, however, we all know that the first attempt at something doesn’t turn out perfect. So later, the auditors created a new set of ideas on how to audit. Nonetheless, modern auditing began in 1844 which required the corporate directors’ report to stockholders through a financial statement and balance…

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