Example Of Rhetorical Analysis In Accounting

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Rhetorical Analysis
I. Introduction
Rhetorical analysis defines how the author writes rather than what they actually wrote. This paper breaks down an article into pieces, and explains how the article informs to the audiences. This article written under business is report with misleading over the proliferation of various Non-GAAP and GAAP in the company. GAAP stands for General Accepted Accounting Principles and the purpose in this article is to point out what is wrong with financial reporting, and the authors want all people are doing business have to usefully describe the truth, and nothing with the truth in financial reports. The authors are using description, exemplification, comparison and contrast strategies to express their purpose on
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“Financial Accounting Standards Board often focuses on minor tweaks (like simplifying the equity method and deferred tax classifications)” while “leaving some big issues only partially improved (like lease and pension accounting) and completely ignoring other fundamental reforms. (Paul B. w. Miller and Paul R. Bahnson).”Both authors are showing to the readers that the Financial Accounting Board only focus on the minor thing while they leave some thing more important with little improve and completely ignore other basic standard. Moreover, they provide the significant details to help the readers understand the analysis easily such as using strong words “increasing ludicrous”, “misleading”, and “ useless” to describe the accounting principles, in order to better define the reader to see the end of this situation. By using description strategy, documents drawn curtains in the accounting system are a major …show more content…
As a reader, I really like the way Paul B. w. Miller and Paul R. Bahnson wrote this article. The tone is strong and powerful. The way they wrote are informal but bring the good result. Everything in this article is very clear with many details and example, so the reader can have an idea and understand it. Also, they are showing us the truth, and the ethic in accounting. There are some unclear statements in financial reports and as a manager they have to correct that to be more accurate and truthfully. In addition, the writers express their opinion freely, and the most effective defense against litigation would be making best efforts to report the truth. The writer’s purpose is to give the readers an idea how the system in accounting working, and also point out the good and bad in accounting system. Moreover, these authors inspirit someone who is doing business to be honest in reporting. I think this article is really good for people who are doing in accounting field because they can understand and have an idea what is going on in financial report. They also know which information is truth or untruth. The authors are very successful when they rhetorical strategies and appeals to apply on their article. Therefore, it makes the article is full of the fact and achieve the purpose of

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