An Athlete Dying Young By. Housman, Displays Dying At A Young Age

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“To an Athlete Dying Young” by A.E. Housman, displays dying at a young age. This poem is showing that people may be afraid of dying young and not living out a full life. The theme of the poem is showing the value of young age. This also ties into the poems imagery, signifying. The choice of speaker gives depth to the story and gives us a better aspect look at the meaning of the story of premature death of the youth in the world. A.E. Housman wants the reader to know that life is short and it is better for the person to pass at an earlier age. To see every accomplishment, they have had while it is meaningful before they grow older and lose their meaningfulness to everyone that is around you. The theme is not specifically about an individual or even about athletes but rather it is about the value of life. For example in the second stanza “To-day, the road all runners come. Shoulders-high we bring you home,/ And we set you at your threshold down,/ Townsman of a stiller town. “This quote does not represent him winning a race a being carried as it may be read. The real meaning of the quote is that he is running the road that all runners come, meaning that he is dead. The rest of this stanza shows how the athlete is being carried shoulder high to his home which can be related to being in his coffin carried to his and laid in his final resting place. The rest of the poem is the narrator is telling the athlete his stance on his death. He tells the athlete that he was smart for…

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