Essay on An Asian American Male Named Paul

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Case 1 is about an Asian American male named Paul who is dissatisfied with his quality of life. Paul is exposed to many environmental risk factors with very little protective factors against developing a mental illness. These risk factors include growing up with critical parents who were very demanding of him academically, a risk factor known as achievement stress that largely affects Asian Americans (Kearney, 2011, p. 201). This can harm family relationships by making the person assume they aren’t allowed to have weaknesses, creating a hostile environment. This explains why Paul struggles to open up to family members about what is going on in his life and sticks to “safe” topics such as work when speaking with them.
This tendency to have distant relationships has carried over into Paul’s personal life, and affects his friendships and romantic relationships. Paul is single, lives alone, and has never been in a long-term relationship. He has cognitive distortions that he describes as “negative, pessimistic thinking”, such as feeling as though he has “missed opportunities” and has many regrets. This internal tendency towards rumination has aided in his development of learned helplessness in regards to relationships. This is where a person believes that no matter what they do, the outcome of their efforts are unchangeable (Kearney, 2011, p. 202). He feels hesitant to engage with others because he worries they will not be interested. This gets worse during the winter months, as…

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