An Army Of Garment Worker Analysis

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In the article An Army of Garment Worker, the author talks about Jew’s in America. When the Jewish people from Russia arrived in America they had great skills, mostly skills in making garments, tailoring and making other clothes, before the arrival of the Jewish people, however the German Jews were here before them and were dominating in the garment industry, together the Russian Jews and German Jews were making history in the garment industry. Everywhere people went in the Lower East in New york all they could see were people working on machine making garment: men and women were working. In 1914 some of the German and Russian Jews immigrants opened shops, which made up about 60% of the businesses and they only needed $50 dollars to open a shop. The shops were depended on the manufactures that had people working in their factories to produce the garments. …show more content…
Workers were part of a team where workers worked as a unit, meaning one could not work fast and make more money than her/his team members, therefore they were unable to make more money. Workers were subjected to harsh conditions: When they had to go to the restroom they were followed by the foreman and they worked long hours. The writer says, “ They were like slaves” (Ronald Takaki, 274), because of the condition they were enduring when they were working, if a worker cut or had the machine stitched them by accident they received no treatment, therefore they carried on working as though nothing happened, the workers worked so many hours that sometimes they slept at work but sometimes they went out and out on

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