Essay on An Analysis Of Ursula Huws And Richard Sennet 's Articles

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Within Ursula Huws and Richard Sennet 's articles, they both explore the reasons behind why people are so demanding of jobs. While both of these authors have very similar points that connect to each other to better understand their argument, they both have evidence that contradicts with one another. While Huws and Sennett, both explore the lack of security in many jobs, Huws focuses more on the lack of demand for certain jobs, while Sennett focuses more on Enrico and Rico 's personal feelings regarding his own perceived lack of security. As discussed in both articles, there is a lack of security described by the authors that both parties seem to lack. In Huws ' article she says that many people are in search of jobs all the time within footloose jobs because they need money to sustain their lives and some, their families. Fixed jobs are lacking security because many of the jobs were occupied by many footloose people and that leaves the fixed party in desperate need of a job so they can provide for themselves and for their families. In Sennet 's article, Enrico, Rico 's father, faces the difficulty of competing with his wife 's, Flavia, income. He wants to seem like he has everything under control and that he does not need the pity of anybody. He wants people to look at him as though he has all the money and that he is the one bringing in all of the money. In Huws ' article, she explains how a footloose job is becoming more widely available to immigrants who cross the…

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