Summary Of Giving People A Second Chance By Ernest Martinez

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In his Essay, Giving People a Second Chance, Ernest Martinez try’s to persuade his audience that Hispanic ex-cons should be given an equal opportunity to work. Martinez’s intent is to convince Hispanic business owners to hire ex-cons. Martinez’s essay had some valid points about ex-cons having an equal opportunity to make a living. But his essay is poorly formed, while he uses emotionally loaded terms, it lacks details and facts. In the first paragraph Martinez speaks on Mexican pride and Mexican unemployment which is irrelevant to his argument. In the beginning Martinez talks about Hispanics rallying together to seek out equal opportunity. But in the next line he castigates Hispanics for turning a blind eye to convicts who need employment avenues. He doesn’t clearly …show more content…
He also made statements about his faith which once again is irrelevant to his argument. The next point he made in the paragraph surprisingly was one of his strongest points. He informs the reader that people break the law at some point in their lives and get away with it. He states that people who aren’t arrested for those crimes are lucky, and that those in prison aren’t. In Martinez’s third paragraph he lets the reader know that those convicts could even be us. He further makes his case that ex-cons took “the road less traveled”, and found themselves in a situation that was beyond them. Other than these two points the rest of his points aren’t on topic with his argument. In the fourth paragraph, Martinez quotes Dr. Peter Drucker. Drucker states that people are the greatest resource to successful companies. The point that Martinez makes in this paragraph is that all businesses need skilled people to succeed. In the fifth paragraph he states that he believes many prison inmates are highly functional, tremendously skilled and fabulously talented. Martinez also brings state that a crime is not committed due to faulty character, but rather due to poor

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