Essay about An Analysis Of Tom And Huck 's Foiling Of Injun Joe

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Which proves to be as pathetic as it is unsettling. Tom and Huck’s foiling of Injun Joe serve as a way for them to reject his beastly nature, and their acts of heroism are meant to reject the town’s hypocritical nature. The very qualities they send away by banishing Joe are the same qualities the town’s people ascribed to the boys. From seeing this, it seems that the method in which Tom and Huck achieving greatness appears to be in their steadfast refusal to be like other people. In many ways, Tom’s half-brother Sid is his opposite. He presents an illusion of good behavior and kind heartedness to adults like his Aunt, when deep down he is mostly a vindictive child. With habits that include “glorying over Tom” (Twain, 13) during times where he is in an unfavorable position, the reader immediately sides with Tom in their conflict. Despite Tom’s delinquent behavior, the reader is made aware of his ultimately good heart by the number of selfless deeds he performs throughout the novel, deeds one would be hard pressed to imagine Sid doing in the same position even with his veneer of good-naturalness. The duality they present helps illustrate Twain’s point about heroism. Sid represents how humans are expected to behave, while Tom is a reflection of how they should behave. The freedom to be one’s own self, but also the decency to uphold certain moral duties regardless of glory (although Tom is eager to reap the rewards of such glory whenever it presents itself) are what Twain is…

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