An Analysis Of ' Lord Of The Flies ' And ' The Raven ' Essay

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For many exemplary writers, symbolism is key. Literary craftsmen will often use characters, objects or places to represent something greater, an idea, emotion, or society itself. This is seen all over fantastic works of art, from Piggy in Lord of the Flies representing technology, to the raven in The Raven representing loss. This wonderful literary craftsmanship is seen regularly in 1984 as well. Throughout 1984, the Prole Woman, whom Winston and Julia view outside of the antique shop, represents, with her happiness and joy at her difficult and challenging life, hope, with her beautiful singing, that by the standards of her society is suspicious and dangerous, freedom, and finally, with her disappearance, despair.
Singing, the action which represents freedom with her happiness at her hard and difficult life, the prole woman represents hope. The prole woman, who is observed by Winston and Julia from their rented room at Charrington’s store, is constantly happy, as demonstrated by her rough, yet beautiful singing. Indeed this is made all the more significant by the circumstances of her life. As a prole, one of the lowest classes, she lives in endless poverty, with no chance of an easy life, she works hard all day, doing chores and helping her family. This happiness at her presumably difficult and poverty-stricken life is best demonstrated by the line “She had had her momentary flowering, a year, perhaps, of wild-rose beauty and then she had suddenly swollen like a fertilized…

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