An Analysis Of Jack Roosevelt Robinson Broke The Color Barrier On Major League Baseball

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An inspiring major change happened to the world when jack Roosevelt Robinson broke the color barrier in major league baseball on April 15, 1947. Being an African American man he did not have as many rights or privileges as a Caucasian man would have had during that time.
Mr. Jerry Robinson and Mrs. Mallie Robinson had five children, jack being the youngest. Jack r Robinson, is well known by the name of Jackie Robinson. His middle name is in honor of former president Theodore Roosevelt, who had died 25 days before the birth of Jackie. Jackie was born January 31, 1919, in Cairo, Georgia; he was born into a sharecropping family and in 1920 he moved to Pasadena California with his siblings and mother, Jerry Robinson left the family in 1920. Growing up in Pasadena California he was raised in relative poverty, Robinson and his minority friends were excluded from many recreational opportunities. As a result of being excluded, he joined a neighborhood gang, his friend Carl Anderson tried his best to persuade Jackie to abandon it.
Most African Americans don 't get the chance to go to post-secondary education, let alone even elementary school and high school. Jackie did not want to be another African American that didn 't have education, in 1939 he enrolled at University of California. After attending the University of California, he was hired to play semi-pro football in Hawaii, he played with the Honolulu Bears. On December 5th, 1941 he left Honolulu, just two days before the…

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