An Analysis Of Flannery O ' Conner And Tobias Wolff Essay

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People often make connections to things in their lives when reading stories. Stories tend to imitate life, so it’s no surprise that they remind us of people, events, movies, and other works of literature. Comparing literature to other literature can be a time consuming, but ultimately rewording experience. The only reason it could be considered time consuming is because of the plethora of literary elements to address in each story. These elements include: point of view, setting, plot, symbols, character, style, theme, and tone. Within each story there are examples of all the elements, however our focus is on plot and style. Flannery O’Conner and Tobias Wolff use their differences in writing style to enhance their version of a similar plot in their short stories “A Good Man is Hard to Find” and “Bullet in the Brain” respectively. “A Good Man is Hard to Find” by O’Conner is a short story following the road trip of a typical southern family as they head to Florida for vacation. Before they leave the narrator and grandma tries to convince them to head to Tennessee instead of Florida because there is a killer called The Misfit at large who is headed there also. Her attempts fail, so they continue to Florida as planned. During the trip the family makes several stops to eat and sight see all while the ominous Misfit stays in in the back of her mind. After a terrible accident the family comes face to face with The Misfit himself in a shocking ending. The other story, “Bullet in…

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