An Analysis Of Daniel Bailey 's ' The Drunk Sonnets ' Essay

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Daniel Bailey is most notably known for his first published collection of poems, “The Drunk Sonnets”, which was composed of 53 sonnets that Bailey wrote while completely intoxicated. In truth, it can’t be proven that he was actually plastered, but he was at least using his best “drunkface”. The Drunk Sonnets were a part of a small genre of poetry affectionately called Drunk Poetry, and all of the authors in this particular genre happened to be restricted to Daniel Bailey’s immediate friend circle. This concept of Drunk Poetry has often been considered in the same category as the hipster ironists’ Flarf poetry. Admittedly, The Dunk Sonnets do share some similarities with these parodies of poetry, including the fact that all of the sonnets are written in all capital letters – the globally accepted internet language of sarcasm. However, there is real sensitivity behind this blatant case-insensitivity. Like Flarf poems, drunk poems also contain frequent topic shifts and interruptions, yet Flarf contains no real emotion or meaning. Drunk poetry is arguably some of the most emotionally real poetry to be written. The traditional ideas of poetry adhere to a distinct set of characteristics and structure that is somewhat absent from The Drunk Sonnets. This contributes to the mocking of this form of poetry and its inclusion with Flarf’s ironic spin on writing that people are trying to interpret as legitimate poetry. Flarf was actually born when poet Gary Sullivan submitted…

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