An Analysis Of Corporate Social Responsibility And The Global Compact

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An Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility and the Global Compact

This essay will define the necessity of corporate social responsibility and the global compact for international business relations and ethical issues. The conflict between profiteering in the private sector and the exploitation of the general public has become a major issue in global ethical standards for corporations. The Global Compact defines the ten guidelines that define the ethical premise of corporate bargaining strategies and social interaction with local populations. The problem of first world corporate exploitation of third world labor for low cost/high profit initiatives is creating a polarized economy for international business. These ethical issues define some of the important aspects of a Global Compact for human rights and proper business relationship between this disparate economics forces. In essence, an analysis of corporate social responsibility and the Global Compact will be defined through ethical standards of international business relations. The issue of corporate social responsibility has become a major issue in the 21st century, which has exposed the problem of first world corporations that exploit low cost labor and deny human rights to third world work forces. In the 2000s, the trend toward corporate social responsibility has become part of corporate culture within the context of global business relations:
In many cases, they [corporate psychologists) are members of business…

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