Essay about An Analysis Of Andre Girodot 's ' The Coroner '

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Shortly after I called Police Headquarters, André Girodot, Commissaire from the “Quai des Orfèvres”, showed up at ‘La Simonière’, accompanied by an assistant, and a couple of Gendarmes. He was a middle-aged man who had built up a solid reputation in the Parisian Police. No Parisian citizen ignored his name, and his face had been, in many cases, shown on television. The Coroner, a certain Doctor Alphonse Binet, an old but feisty physician, enjoying a very good reputation at the ‘Judiciary Police’, arrived a bit later. He quickly shook hand with the Commissaire, and went up, directly, to the Baron’s bedroom. Being a main witness in this affair, I was interrogated several times by the Commissaire Girodot. I told him all I knew about the drama that had happened, and the role I played in it. I withheld nothing from him, except the few details which at the time had struck me as being weird, but that I finally considered isolated incidents, and lacking too much substance (at least for the moment) to be raised again, in front of the Commissaire. All the facts and evidence in hand, Girodot went to work. I did not make any attempt to steer his investigation into one direction or another. He seemed perfectly capable of putting the facts together to derive a conclusion from the result of his assemblage, and in fact, when in the end, I asked him if he had any opinion about the case, he told me that he had already his ‘petite idée.’ Curious, I pressed him to elaborate on his ‘little…

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