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Case Analysis 1
Sept 11, 2014
I. Identification of Problems
With the development of economic integration globally, man is beginning a new era of global negotiation. Cross-cultural business negotiations that between business people who from different countries with different mentalities and cultures are becoming more and more frequent. At present, people gradually concern the problems, which are triggered by cross-cultural business negotiations. American Great Plains Foods was a manufacturer and marketer meat products that was founded in 1896. It grew into international company that people relied on for Great Plains' strong brand. Comidas Gaucho is well-known Argentina food processor which was targeted by Great Plains look into forming
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It is reflected in the use of English words, such as: Time is on, it is kept, it can be borrowed, it can be used, it can be saved, it can be spent, it can be wasted, it can be lost, it can be given, it can be killed, and so on. Americans' schedule decide what they do, what not to do, and what need to be done first. Time totally weaving a network of American life, decisions and coordinates the relationship between the Americans. Peter was very dissatisfied with Comidas Gaucho representatives' late, but Jorge is irrelevant. Concept of time in some South America countries are not so strong, late for them is not unforgivable.
According to Creegan (2012), “the Argentines descended from the boats”, most of Argentines are descendants of European migrants, with emphasis on British and Italians (Creegan, 2012). Thereby, Argentine business man generally pay attention to clothing, demeanor and generous rules. Peter's casual attire is not perceived as appropriate in doing business. He also overlooks some other business etiquette of Argentina. Argentine are eager to share their yerba mate with the guests, but Peter shows obvious objection of the yerba mate, while Argentine would see this as Peter's disrespect for the local traditions. Argentine run away from the controversial issues as politics and religion issues, but Peter discussed the sensitive matter "Falklands" with Jorge around their dinner tables. (Durrer, 2006)
III. Recommendations

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