Essay about An Adult Human Male, And A Woman

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By strict definition, a man is an adult human male, and a woman is an adult human female. However, with such a wide variety of people with diverse personalities and viewpoints, there is no one clear cut definition to summarize either of the genders as a whole. Though this is true, there are societal norms in place that dictate what behaviors are considered accepted or appropriate for a person, entirely based on their gender. These societal norms are called gender roles, and they have existed for practically as long as society has, and possibly even longer. They have dictated the way that people think and behave, which lead to the oppression of women. Throughout the ages, women have been the ones to raise children and tend to the house while having been generally seen as unintelligent and/or unopinionated. At the same time, men have predominantly been the hunters or workers, being expected to be the ones to provide for the family. There have been many, many movements to change these roles, but the 1920s, a revolution occurred. In August of 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment was ratified. Now, what does this mean? The Nineteenth Amendment was the amendment to the U.S. Constitution that allowed women to vote, which was definitely a triumph for the women’s rights movement. Unfortunately, the ratification did not represent all women, but it did allow women to focus on different issues. While a considerable amount of women stuck to focusing on the political aspect of the movement,…

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