Essay on An Administrator Of A Community Mental Health Center

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1. If I was an administrator of a community mental health center, I would probably not make a huge deal about proper boundaries. They are still important and I would address them, but I do not think I would hold an all staff meeting, unless boundaries became a serious concern. At the time of being hired, I would probably create a form in addition to all of the other new employee paperwork. The form would simply be all of the rules clearly stated regarding what the rules are in respect to proper boundaries with supervisors and supervisees, and each individual would have to sign it. It would include the information found on page 148 of the book: supervisory context, learning plan, format and schedule, accountability, conflict resolution, compensation, client notification, duration and termination. If I were to discover a relationship between a supervisor and supervisee, I would pull out the signed form that said the person agreed to the rule on boundaries. It would be likely for me to give them a few options, with one being that the supervisor could step down from their position so that the relationship would continue, the second being that one of people in the relationship leave the agency, or third, the relationship would be called off. According to NASW Code of Ethics standard 3.01 (b & c) it is stated that not only are supervisors and supervisees responsible for setting their own boundaries, but also that “social workers should not engage in any dual or…

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