An Ad Hoc Monitoring And Evaluation Essay

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In January 2010, during the London Conference, the Afghan government agreed to invite Afghan and other anti-corruption experts to participate in an ad-hoc monitoring and evaluation mission. As a result in 2011, the Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (MEC) was established to fight corruption. This committee is responsible for developing clear and objective benchmarks for measuring progress in the fight against corruption, as well as for preparing periodic reports on national and international activities. Moreover, there are other institutions including Central Narcotics Tribunal, Internal Audit Department of Ministry of Finance, Afghan National Police, National Directorate of Security, Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Commission, Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, Parliamentary Commission on Judicial and Justice Affairs, Administrative Reform, and Anti corruption, Independent Electoral Commission, Internal Audit Department of Line Ministries, and Procurement Policy Unit of the Ministry of Finance, which are invested with the responsibilities of fighting corruption in the country.
Civil Society, Media and International Community: ‘Stable governance and durable peace require a citizen oriented state working in partnership with an active civil society that has adequate space and resources to hold government to account… International communities’ strategy in Afghanistan focus almost exclusively on supporting state institution rather than civil…

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