Amy Tan 's The Joy Luck Club Essay examples

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In The Joy Luck Club, by Amy Tan, the two settings of America and China act to contrast the two very different cultures that the mothers and daughters in the novel have and further develop the theme of the difficulties of cultural translation . The two settings also show the reader the message that we may not always know and understand the stories of those we love, but attempting to understand can potentially bring us closer to our family. The separation of each story by chapters, told through different voices, helps to further show the separation of different beliefs and emphasize the difference in values both American and Chinese cultures hold dear.
Throughout the novel the setting alternates between scenes from the past in differing countries- China and America. The mothers of the Joy Luck Club reminisce and speak in turn about their childhoods and lives in China and then the daughters speak about their lives and marriages in America. The contrast and difference of the two settings shows true separation between the mothers and daughters. In the beginning of the novel, Jing-mei’s mother, Suyuan, dies of a cerebral aneurysm and Jing-mei is asked to be the fourth corner of the Joy Luck Club. After their first meeting the women start to converse about their previous lives in China, before they moved to the United States. Many of them were either arranged or forced into marriage while in China. There, women were not free to do as they pleased. This alone outlines a difference…

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