Amphetamine Case Study Essay

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This case study will discuss Amphetamine use and misuse in the community setting, the impact of the substance use and misuse on contemporary paramedic practice and provide a guideline for the patients using this substance and the community in dealing with this issue. |

Contents Introduction 3 Body 3 Amphetamines 3 Case Analysis 4 Case Remedies 5 Conclusion 6 References 8

There is lot of expanded scope roles in the field of medical, nursing and paramedical which is emerging globally. This has given the health workforce many opportunities and allowed them to work in different environments (Bls, 2009). These expanded scope roles gives a chance to the practitioners to apply skills which they were never trained
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The drug has its own benefits too in the medical treatment. Amphetamines are prescribed by doctors for various medical purposes such as appetite control for weight loss programs, narcolepsy and hyperactivity disorders. The main use of the drug is that it suppresses hunger, if administered by an experienced physician in mild doses. This drug has several side effects similar to any street drug and is safe to use only as prescribed by a physician. The misuse of the drug poses greater threats to the general public and medical fraternity alike. The disadvantages of the use of drug far overweigh the advantages of controlled usage in medical practices. The drug is normally used in the form of pill or tablet. However, the drug can also be injected. The report discusses a case in which a patient suffers from ADHD and is prescribed Dexamphetamine; it discusses the affects and how it is dealt with by the paramedic.

Case Analysis
This report discusses the case of a 20 year old male patient, Ben. He belongs to a small town and has been using intravenous drugs and has been suffering infective endocarditic with mitral vegetations and has also been diagnosed with onset adult ADHD which has affected his behaviour and led to violent outbursts.

Ben was already suffering from ineffective endocarditic

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