Amistad Research Paper

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Amistad Review To begin with,defining the word and meaning of slavery it is the activity of having slaves or the condition of being a slave. Unfortunately, slavery exists even nowadays in many parts of the world. Millions of Africans were sold into slavery ,the numbers were so great that they became the most numerous Old-World immigrants all across the world. The La Amistad was a spanish slave ship which name has the origin from the spanish world Friendship. It became known through the successfull revolt of the Africans slaves occured in 1839.The ship was found at the coast of the United States of America by the United States Navy. The so calles Amistad court processes took place under the great interest of the Americans ans the part of …show more content…
La amistad was used as a cargo ship on short routes to Cuba , which belonged to Spain at this time. Their usual routes were between their home port and Cuba ,and their main cargo was the production of sugar and slaves. The Amistad was told to be no pure slave ship that his routes were between Africa and America but also the slaves was transported from other ships. On June 1939, the La amistad in a small harbour in Havana with cargo loaded for a multi-day trip to Guanaja. In addition, more than 50 Africans on board were taken. The men who were enslaved recently ,several weeks before were brought before with the Portuguese slave ship Tecora to Cuba. This importation of slaves to America was a violation against a trade agreement with Spain, thus these Africans in the legal sense for North America were not "slaves". These facts were crucial for the so called Amistad processes later.Half of the Africans was housed below deck,the other half on the deck,where they could move freely. The slaves were only loosely bound. Also were his cabin steward and slave,two sailors and the ships cooker aboards Ramón Ferrer ship. Also, the plantation owner Pepé Ruiz which belonged most of the slaves drove with and Pedro Montes with his so called property. After few days the leader of the Africans known as Joseph Cingué,found a nail on the deck which he was able to free himseld and the others. They took the ship over, after killing the cook

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