American With Disability Act And The American With Disabilities Act

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The American with Disabilities Act is a document that had been turned down by congress back in 1988. Congress felt that the original document must be re written and brought to their attention at a later date. As the years went on the document had been looked over and re written. Finally, the document was passed and signed in the White House on July 26, 1990.
The Americans with Disabilities Act was a document that many fought for. Parents of children with disabilities all banded together to stop their children from feeling segregated. This act had begun due to the anger of those parents. It was neither one parent nor one group that made this change. It took thousands to take a stand that finally led to a change. This document is in place thanks
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These two acts can seem very similar on paper, but in depth are very different. The American with Disabilities Act was put into action to cover those with a disability and give them equal opportunity. Under this act a disability is defined as “physical or mental impairment that substantially limits 1 or more major life activities. Major life activities include things like speaking, walking, caring for oneself, and performing manual tasks. The law also protects people with a history of such an impairment and those who are regarded as having such an impairment”(IN TEXT CITE). Therefore this act is put in place to lessen the discrimination of a disabled person. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation act covers those who are disabled, but it also covers those people legally. This act provides for direct services of those with a disability. It allows them to have an equal opportunity in the employment world. This section also allows for people with disabilities to advocate for themselves and their rights in society (IN TEXT …show more content…
The first title is all about employment opportunities under this act. This first section goes into very much detail about what is allowed and not allowed. For examples if any workplace has more than fifteen employees that may not discriminate against those qualified individuals with disabilities. The workplace must accommodate the disability that is at hand. This section of the American with Disabilities Act does not cover those who work for a religious employer. Any religious employer does not need to accommodate a

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