Essay on American Views On Slavery And The End Of Segregation

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American People I
Term Paper: First Draft Changes in American Views On Slavery and The End Of Segregation
Slavery was America’s darkest era, during this time period Africans and African Americans were exploited, over worked, tortured, separated from families and sexually violated. Rules were also imposed to keep slaves from running away, form rebellions and to keep them from having the opportunity to get an education.Although slaves were the main reason for the success in the economic growth of America, slaves endured physical and emotional pain for more than 200 years and it was not until the 1800s where slavery was abolished after the civil war. Even after the changes of the view on slavery occurred, African Americans endured segregation from white only facilities and were oppressed by the Jim Crow laws set into place. People like Dr Martin Luther King fought for the civil rights of millions African Americans and due to the success of his fight and his “I have a dream” speech in 1963, America changed from being a separate but equal country into a desegregated nation and for ever changing the views of America.
Slavery in America dates back to 1624 in the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam. Due to the Demand of labor needed to build the colony, 11 African Slaves were brought to work and provide an infrastructure for the…

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