American Students Of The Vietnam War Era Essay

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Past & Future
American students of the Vietnam war era did not have it easy at all there was a lot of unfortunate events like being drafted when you probably didn 't want to be, but no one had a choice and there were the lost lives of our soldiers back then. As I and other people get older, we start to think more about everything around us like economy, immigration and the most popular in this generation disinformation from the social media and many other issues. Outcomes will be different slightly different in our time, then what it was back then. Mostly because of the technology we have today and there might be many secrets the movement is keeping away from us the U.S citizens and everyone else that is in the country. There would be more destruction, and no only males but there would be probabilities of females being drafted as well than there was back then.
The generation of the Vietnam war had more negative effects than there was positive during and after the war. Steven Ochsner talked about few of the effects from the war like a nation blaming for the draft and the war, there was countless protest, he saw many dead, crippled and an uncaring cause with the soldiers. We today have had protest and riots but not particularly about any war. Riots have been happening because of the presidential elections, people’s rights, and movements for many other issues. For example, the presidential elections affected me by a lot no physically but mentally because of seeing so much hate…

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