American Sociology, Functionalism, And Symbolic Interactionalism

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Throughout this whirlwind of sequenced events dubbed life, every person is confronted with personal issues. One such personal issue for myself is bulimia. From the summer before my freshman year of high school, until the middle of my junior year, I would have bouts of bulimia ranging from a one time incident to a consistent several week episode. Currently, I am doing well and have not taken part in such an issue for about a year and a half. While it is a personal issue that is, in part a result of self esteem issues beyond those thrust upon me by society, I do believe society 's expectations played a large role in my issue. The notion that girls need to be tall, thin, have perfect skin, hair, eyes, teeth, and have a dazzling personality on top of that was for me, like many others, too much. In this essay I will examine the three prominent perspectives in American sociology, functionalism, the conflict perspective, and symbolic interactionalism, and connect them to my personal issue.

The functionalist perspective, also referred to as functionalism and structural functionalism, is a perspective rooted in the idea that society is an ordered and stable system due to societal consensus . In this perspective social structures/institutions, such as the church, schools, family life, religion, and many more, are all interconnected aspects of society which provide both a service for and add stability to a community/society. Threats to society in this perspective are…

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